CF-34...VIRA vs SUMMER....In this video, we introduce Summer in her first professional catfight. I'm sure you'll ALL agree that all us fans welcome this absolutely gorgeous newcomer. Vira fears no one, and even though Summer's strength and athleticism are immediately evident, Vira jumps at the chance to take on the new girl and possibly show her a thing or two. Summer shows right off that she won't be intimidated by any trash talking from the veteran when she goes after Vira even before the equipment was set up. Summer definitely seems to have all the tools to become one of the best fighters around today....showing natural instincts in all the catfighting aspects and tactics. In the few mild wrestling matches Summer has done in the past, she totally dominated her opponents, and now wanted to compete and test her ability in the more intense catfighting against someone as capable as Vira. Summer's size and strength give her the early upper hand, but as the fight goes on, Vira makes a strong comeback with her stamina and determination. Round 3 was a classic, when Vira was dominated and took brutal punishment for 98% of the round, but held on and smothered Summer into submission at the end of the round. Truly amazing how much pain she was able to withstand......51 min.

CF-33......Vira vs Monica This time, Vira takes on the latin spitfire Monica. You've seen how tough the latin is in previous fights, and Vira keeps getting better, wiser, and stronger with each match. She even turns the tables and uses some of Monica's street tactics on her in this 48 minute fight........... 57 min.

CF-32.......contains 3 shorter fights that ended abruptly due to one of the girls receiving an injury; preventing the fight to continue. All 3 of these fights were all-out, vicious and intense fights to the finish. First, Vira and Jenn go, then Camille vs Mia. And lastly, Crystal goes up against Kenzie..........52 min.

CF-30......Melody vs of catfight fan's all-time favorite videos. In Vira's debut, she gives the bigger, more experienced Melody more than she ever expected; even choking her into unconsciousness at one point......48 min.
Author: Dionysus
In Reply To: ECNWC #30- anybody seen it? (posted by DVP24)
Subject: I've seen it. Here's what I think.

A very good tape, very attractive women, sexy clothing, intense hair-pulling, fantastic pre-fight build-up, bitchy attitudes, admittedly small amount of theatrics... nothing to spoil the entertainment by, trash-talking, and a very original and impressive post fight interview with the girls involved. Highly recommended, I really enjoyed it. Melody (Kenzie), is an excellent find for ECNWC, she is very sexy, stylishly attractive, has great competitive attitude and knows how to put a good catfight on. Vira (some may recognize her from her fantasy e-league days, I believe is the wife of a fan who wanted to see his girl take on one of the vid girls in a fight. She's also sweetly pretty, beautiful blue eyes, adorable New York accent, confident, aggressive, and determined to win. She looks gorgeous in what she is wearing. By the end of the pre-fight build-up, the viewer is desperate to finally find out who the better woman is in regards to catfighting. Both women go into it as cocky as hell and one lady gradually gets her confidence ground down during the intense hair-pulling, head-scissoring, body punching action. A catfight production Barbara would be very pleased to see and one that Bob at ECNWC should be very proud of producing. ECNWC gets better with every tape. Cheers
Author: CaptBob
In Reply To: I've seen it. Here's what I think. (posted by Dionysus)
Subject: One of ECNWC's best yet

Terrific fight! The women looked fantastic and fought with everything they had. Whenever one submits, it's mostly because she's REALLY hurting -- not just trapped. Also, the overall technical quality is much improved -- better lighting, larger space, excellent photography. I was also happy to note that the comments and non-stop coaching from the spectators was almost all gone, leaving nothing but the delightful sounds of slaps, squeals and hard breathing. Darned fine video -- hope Bob can do more work like this soon.

Vira v. Melody (ECNWC)
Reviewed by: Rough

Wow! What an incredible catfight classic this is. Easily in the top 10 of best tapes I've ever seen and in terms of the "total package', its the best video catfight from ECNWC to date, I believe. They seem to be really hitting their stride with this one as the elements come together to produce a near perfect rules catfight. The message board has already touched on this one and covered a lot of the high points that make it SO good. Vira and Melody have got to be the best finds from ECNWC, thus far, both in terms of raw competitiveness and beauty. Vira is 5'5", Melody a little taller at 5'7". They are just a good match for a lot of reasons one can see upon viewing the fight, and the give and take betwixt them is exciting to watch. These two go at it like feral wildcats with everything they have. They break no rules but bend quite a few. For those who love the hairpulling, it really doesn't get any better than this. It is viscious at times and is the absolute best I have seen in any catfight. All quite real, so much so it may make you wince a little watching it. The girls also depend a lot on body slapping and punching that also gets quite brutal at times, in the heat of battle. The trashtalk is legit as can be, and some of the remarks are as sharp and fierce as the slaps! Both these girls are out to win, lest anyone doubt it. The rounds generally start out rather wild and loose with the two wailing away at one another toe to toe. Wild and loose, yes, but not sloppy and clumsy. The women slap, punch, and even kick a little (no sissy kicks either)! They quickly wrestle one another to the ground, with their hands usually tangled maliciously in each other's golden manes. These are some of the best moments for me as the two tigresses cave in and fall to the floor, bodies entwined. The fighting is close and just as intense as the two pull each other down onto the mats: a la close punches and slaps, scissors, a little breast squeezing here and there, a few tough wedgies (always sexy), and more hairpulling, hairpulling, hairpulling! If that's your thing, you will be in absolute heaven as there are some simply exquisite hairpulling moments, throughout. For those into it, you will know what I mean when you watch this one. The website doesn't indicate this but, in case anyone was wondering, they DO end up topless. Indeed, in the last few rounds, they wear only tiny thongs (and by then, they are...shall we say... pleasingly sweaty). The two are just as fiery and competitive in the last round as they were in the first. The production values have made some noticable leaps in this one, as pointed out on the board. The Vira/Melody fight has excellent camerawork and lighting (thank goodness, as these two ladies really deserved the best). And the guys shouting the condescending remarks (that ONE in particular) aren't nearly as annoying . Their comments are at an all time minimum, and what remarks are there are generally quite complimentary (they must have thought THESE girls knew what they were doing). Finally, another VERY special aspect that really puts this one a notch above a lot of stuff out there: the pre fight and post fight interviews, that Dio referred to on the MB. These usually don't do much for me and get the old FF treatment. The pre fight interview really gets the old catty juices flowing, so to speak. Wow..these two ladies really want to fight! Hot damn!! You truly cannot wait to see them go at it. And the post fight interviews were a nice little revelation about the girls and catfighting in general, definitely worth a listen! How often does that happen? The girls talk about their newfound respect for one another and the physical and emotional toll of fighting. And they mean it,too. Its really from the can tell. Well, obviously! They just beat the stuffing out of each other and have the marks to prove it! All in all, one HELL of a tape. About 50 minutes total, and one of the best I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Sure to become a classic.
CaptBob wrote:
Jim, Rough is right -- the comments from the sideline are way down from previous tapes. Usually it's nothing more than the occasional, "Get her!" And, when I say occasional I mean VERY occasional. There are many long stretches when you hear nothing but the sounds of women fighting. The talking is really not a problem in this video -- nothing at all like before. I kid you not -- you will miss a truly outstanding fight if pass this one up.

CF-30 Melody vs. Vira (Second Opinion)
Reviewed by: XP
Title: CF-30 Melody vs. Vira

Introduction: SaveCancelCloseEdit FilThis is a fight between one of the girls from CF-29 and some guy?s wife (Vira).
Girls: Melody - A blonde girl with an okay body and a bitchy look. A good fighter with strong legs and a major ego. She obviously likes to fight.
Vira - Pretty blonde girl with an amazing body. She?s new to catfighting, but is a very good fighter nonetheless. I love her accent when she speaks. ;-) I give the selection of girls a score of:

Well, this particular video has a build-up of sorts. We get interviews with both girls, which I really appreciated. THANKS, BOB! Now, the build-up is IN the interviews! They show a clip of when the two women are having a photo shoot, where they get in each other?s faces. Interesting stuff. I give the build-up a score of:

The Fight:
Wow! Honestly, that?s all I should say, but since this is a review, I?ll say more. The fight was VERY rough, fast, and wild. It was VERY obvious that both women fought with passion. The women gave it all they had, which gave the viewers one Hell of a match. As for the actual fighting, it consisted of lots of punching, kicking, and holds. Scissors are used to great effect, and we even have one girl CHOKE OUT the other! WOW! Breast squeezing was not as abundant as I would have liked, but that?s reality. What the girls do is up to them. And, the fighting blew me away, obviously. So, I can overlook the lack of breast squeezing. But, if this is making you hesitant, then I would like to say that one of the submissions came because of a breast squeeze (combined with leg scissors). It sure satisfied me. ;-) I give the fight a score of:

The production values of this video was MUCH MUCH MUCH better than all previous ECNWC videos. The video quality was very good and the second camera, with its crappy video and audio, has been replaced by one equal to the first camera. Audio is at an all-time clear. What I found most impressive, though, was the LACK of talking. Wait! Did I just say LACK of talking? Yes, I did. Unlike previous videos, where one of the cameramen wouldn?t shut his trap and Bob himself (he admitted it to me) also shouted here and there, this video has hardly any talking. Aside from occasional encouragement and VERY sparse suggestions (a ?get on top of her? here and a ?punch her? there), there was nothing. I?m impressed. Now, Bob, next time, NO MORE FROM YOU! HAHAHA! ;-p I give the production a score of:

Final Comments:
This is a must-buy video from ECNWC. Great fighting, good build-up, nice girls, great production values, and lack of speaking make this video the best ECNWC has produced. I give this video a score of:
CF 30
Reviewed by: UNCLEB

I purchased this video on the recommendation of XP in his review below. It was a wise choice; this video proves that beautiful women can fight! Both girls are feasts for the eyes, and both could fight! This was the best, most even, most feminine fight between American women I have seen since the last fight on Crystal Video magazine # 10 (Angela Vs. Jill). Their is viscous hairpulling, some face slapping (not as much as I like to see, but what their is is very good), some excellent feminine-style barefist punching (including a fabulous exchange in round three), and some of the best kicking action I have ever seen. This is rough, violent, sexy sport.
Most of us are familiar with Robert E Lee's famous quote: It is well that war is so terrible, or we would grow to love it too much. To paraphrase this eloquent statement: It is well that all fight videos are not this good, we would all go bankrupt. Bravo to these two young ladies, Melody and Vira, let's hope that we see them fight again and again!

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